The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) operates over 70 Metrobus routes in Prince George’s County. Metrobus serves most major population centers and travel corridors in the County, providing more than 2,600 trips daily. Easy-to-spot red, white and blue signs identify Metrobus stops. All of the routes connect to one or more Metrorail stations. Metrobus service is provided on weekdays and weekends. 

The base Metrobus fare is $2.00 using SmarTrip card or cash. Time, frequency, and span of service varies by route. Route, Fare, and schedule information is available at 202.637.7000 or online at the WMATA Website.

Metrobus accepts SmarTrip© cards (permanent, rechargeable farecards) Similar to credit cards, plastic SmarTrip cards are embedded with a computer chip that keeps track of the value of the card.

WMATA provides transit benefits through employer programs such as the Smart Benefit program which allows employees to use up to $230 tax FREE to help pay for their transportation costs. Please urge your human resources/benefit representative to contact us for more information.