Vanpools are a great way to commute and to build new friendships. The Prince George’s County Department of Public Works and Transportation (DPW&T) offers the most generous vanpool subsidy within the Metropolitan Washington area:

  • Nine (9) passenger vans receive up to $850 subsidy 
  • Fifteen (15) passenger vans receive up to $1225 subsidy


The County subsidy is paid during the first three months of a new vanpool operator’s expenses, up to 100% for the first month, 50% the second and 25% during the third month of operation. DPW&T is aware that the start-up period for a new vanpool is a difficult time. The subsidy is offered as an incentive to start up new vanpools helping to defray those initial costs. The subsidy is available for vanpools that either begin or end their daily trip in Prince George’s County. The County's Rideshare Coordinator can help groups form a vanpool and maintain ridership.

If you are able to gather at least seven people (including yourself) to form a new vanpool, you may qualify for a $200 monthly 'Pool Rewards subsidy for your new vanpool. Vans are available to accommodate between (7) and (15) passengers.

For more information please call 301.883.5656.