Air Quality Action Days

Air Quality Action Days are announced when air quality in the Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan Region is expected to reach unhealthy levels, typically occurring on hot, sunny days. The stagnant weather conditions contribute to the formation of air pollution, which negatively affects children, individuals with respiratory and heart ailments, and older adults.  Even healthy people can experience health problems associated with high levels of air pollution. On unhealthy days, we ask individuals and organizations to take action to protect their health and help to reduce air pollution.

Public and private sector participants have agreed to develop voluntary Air Quality Action Day plans.  These plans will range from notifying employees and customers of an Air Quality Action Day to rescheduling operational activities.  Air Quality Action Days empower government agencies, businesses, and residents in the Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan Region to do their part for cleaner air.  During Air Quality Action Days, all sectors of the community will be called on to take voluntary actions to reduce air pollution. Every action makes a difference!

Interested in starting an Air Quality Action Day program at your organization? For further information visit the Clean Air Partners website