Employer Based Vanpools

Do you have employees who want to take mass transit but it’s not within reach of your location? We have a solution!

Prince George's County Employers and Shuttle Companies are partening together to help employees get to their place of work. Similar to a vanpool, a Shuttle uses a high occupancy vehicle but without the need to find an employee driver.

An employer provided shuttle helps transport employees that “last mile” from Metro stops, bus stations, park-and-ride lots or other locations to their job sites. It's that simple.

While there is a cost associated with a shuttle service, benefits include: employee retention, staff satisfaction, enlarging the labor pool for potential employees, advertisement with a wrapped shuttle, wifi enabling employees to check email and work from their commute. Other benefits include all the positive attributes of any form of alternative transportation such as: going green, reducing traffic congestion and decreasing parking needs on site.

To help offset the expense of the shuttle service, this benefit qualifies all Maryland employers for the Maryland Commuter Tax Credit. This means you may claim a tax credit for 50% of the eligible costs of providing commuter benefits up to a maximum credit of $50 per participating employee per month.