Employer Recognition Awards

The Commuter Connections Annual Employer Recognition Awards Program recognizes employers who have voluntarily initiated programs that facilitate the use of alternative commuting methods such as transit, teleworking, carpooling/vanpooling and bicycling. These methods help to mitigate traffic congestion and provide for cleaner air through reduced auto emissions.

Eligible employer programs include those that marketed alternative commuting options, initiated a successful telework program, or provided incentives that make using alternative transportation modes easier and more attractive than driving alone. Applicants are evaluated and winners are chosen for their ability to offer measurable commuter benefits that reduce automobile fuel consumption and emissions through fewer vehicle trips and miles traveled. In addition, winners are selected for their altruistic policies that have improved the lives of their employees and the region.

Awards Catagories include: Incentives, Marketing and Teleworking

For more information visit: commeuterconnections.org