Telecommuting makes staying home the easiest way to go to work. Options include working from home or satellite work centers, also known as telecenters, which are equipped with multiple workstations and office support. Millions of people go to work simply by picking up their phones or turning on their computers - saving themselves and their companies millions of dollars.

Advantages of Telecommuting

  • Improves employee productivity by removing commuting stresses and distractions
  • Reduces lost productivity due to absenteeism in inclement weather
  • Increases ability to attract and retain skilled workers, lowering recruiting and training costs
  • Helps create opportunities for growing organizations with limited space availability
  • Reduces the amount of office and parking space requirements.

We can help your company implement telecommute programs and help provide you with information and assistance in implementing telecommuting and telework programs - including information packets, videos, information on regional telework centers, seminars, workshops, and demonstration projects.