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October 30, 2014

How much are you really paying to drive?

Prince George's County Department of Transportation would like to invite you as an employer to take a look at how much of a 'Carbon Footprint' your company has when it comes to Driving.

Driving alone is still the most prefered choice of getting to and from work, but it could surprise you how much it costs. AAA did a study composting Fuel, Maintenance, Tires Insurance, Registration & Taxes, Depreciation and Finance costs to make one amazing Cost Calculator. The numbers can be quite surprising.

Here is a link to the Commuter Connections Cost Calculator

Getting your employees to make the switch can be hard and thats what we are here for. Pass this email along to them to help them understand just what driving alone costs. We are here to wotk with you and find out what alternative transportation options work best for you as a values Prince George's County business.


Allison Posner
Prince George's County
Employer Outreach Representative