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November 19, 2018

New Commuter Connections Bicycle Route Finder Makes Cycling in D.C. Region Easier

Commuter Connections, the region's commuter solutions provider, has launched a new and improved Bicycle Route Finder, a web service that makes getting around the metropolitan Washington region on a bicycle easier and more fun.

The free Bicycle Route Finder enables Commuter Connections cyclists to plan their bicycle commute or recreational rides using an expanded database with more than 2,150 miles of trails, on-street lanes, paths, and facilities, 37,371 path segments, and 35,485 path junctions. The database also allows users to check availability of bikes and bays at Capital Bikeshare locations.

The Bicycle Route Finder is available to members on the Commuter Connections' website. Membership is free and comes with a wide range of commuter options. Individuals interested in accessing the Bicycle Route Finder can sign up at:

"Our new Bicycle Route Finder takes the uncertainty out of cycling," said Commuter Connections Director Nicholas Ramfos. "By providing easy access to information about routes and bike availability, we are helping commuters develop the confidence they need to integrate bicycling into their commutes and routines."

According to the 2016 State of the Commute survey of more than 6,000 randomly-selected employed residents of the region, walkers and bicycle riders reported the highest satisfaction for their commute at 97 percent. The new Bicycle Route Finder leverages technology to increase access to the region's growing bicycling infrastructure and encourages more commuters to add cycling to their go-to-work options.

To use the new system, logged-in Commuter Connections members only need to click on their starting and ending points to choose their route from an interactive map of bike trails, lanes, and paths spanning from Frederick County in the north to Prince William County in the south, and from Loudoun County in the west to Prince George's County in the east. Routes can be customized by distance and travel time, and trip locations can be added by dragging and dropping points on the route. Additionally, the system can generate a custom map plus printable, turn by turn directions with travel time and distance.


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