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July 01, 2013

Prince George’s County Wins Employer Services Award

We are proud to announce that Prince George's County has won the Employer Services Sales Team Achievement Award given out by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (MWCOG). Each year one county from the Commuter Connections program is recognized for their hard work with employers to provide alternative transportation options and help alleviate traffic congestion in the DC Metropolitan area. The following is a statement from MWCOG regarding the award. 

"The Employer Services Sales Team Achievement Award is given to the Commuter Connections Employer Services sales team that has most successfully met its goal of partnering with employers to develop and expand commute benefit offerings. There are a total of ten Employer Services sales teams with twenty-two representatives in the Washington metropolitan region who cultivate and support employer based transportation programs.

The TPB’s Commuter Connections program is pleased to honor Prince George's County Department of Public Works & Transportation with the Employer Services Sales Team Achievement Award. During the past year with a fulltime sales staff equivalent of 2 representatives, over 1,600 contacts were made with employers within Prince George's County and 11 meetings were held. As a result of their efforts, Prince George's County Employer Services Program has added 11 new clients of various levels and expanded their total list of high-impact employer commute programs to 28.

The Prince George's County sales team also attends employer transportation fairs and related onsite events, provides information displays, and conducts seminars and workshops. Selection of the 2013 Sales Team Achievement award recipient was based on information provided by the Employer Services sales teams as part of their required monthly reports to COG, and through on-going database verifications."

Prince George's County was happy to accept this award and looks forward to gaining even more program participation in the future by continuing employer outreach efforts.