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May 06, 2016

WMATA SafeTrack Plan

NOTICE: To Employers & Employees withinin
Prince George's County

This morning WMATA General Manager/CEO Paul J. Wiedefeld  released SafeTrack, an expanded track work plan to improve Metrorail safety and restore service reliability.

" Wiedefeld’s SafeTrack plan includes 15 "safety surges" over the next year that will accelerate maintenance on Metro’s rail system from the ballast up. By closing the system at midnight on weekends and expanding weekday maintenance opportunities, the plan addresses FTA and NTSB safety recommendations and deferred maintenance backlogs while restoring track infrastructure to good health." -

While still a *draft* plan, Prince George's County Employers should be made aware of these plans and shared accordingly with their employees who use Public Transportation.

Full Story and press release with video can be found at this link:
Metro GM releases draft 'SafeTrack' plan to local jurisdictions

We strive to keep all out valued businesses in Prince George's County with up to date information. We will continue to follow this story.