RideSmart Commuter Solutions is a free program offered through the Prince George's County Department of Public Works and Transportation. We support anyone who lives, works, or manages a business or development in Prince George's County to reduce drive-alone trips for any purpose, although we have a special focus on commute trip options.

We work towards our goals by:

  • Providing free, customizable resources and support to commuters and businesses that encourage the use of transit, driving together, walking or running, bicycling, and teleworking.
  • Facilitating workshops and trainings, attending events, participating in new employee orientation, and information sessions throughout the year to remind residents and employees of the transportation options and commuter benefits available to them. Invite us to your next Sustainability or Wellness event to promote commuter options or let us host a bike commuting or vanpool session!
  • Analyzing data, trends, and needs of commuters and employers so we can help develop new programs.

For residents and employees in Prince George's County: please check out the commute options and commuter resources tabs on our site; register for free Guaranteed Ride Home and ridematching; and check out the apps and programs that PAY YOU for commuting!

For business owners and managers in Prince George's County: improve your recruitment and retention by including commuter benefits in your employee programs! We provide free support to employers to develop customized employee commuter benefits programs and will supply the materials you need to get started - learn more from our Employer Programs section.

Ready to talk more about how RideSmart Commuter Solutions can help you? Contact us at info.pgcridesmartsolutions@co.pg.md.us or 301-883-5656 to start the conversation!