Telecommuting makes staying home the easiest way to go to work. Options include working from home or satellite work centers, also known as telecenters, which are equipped with multiple workstations and office support. Millions of people go to work simply by picking up their phones or turning on their computers - saving themselves and their companies millions of dollars. Need guidance on establishing a telework program? Check out these guides from Commuter Choice Maryland and Commuter Connections

Alternative Work Schedules

The most common time-management option for employers are variable work hours (also called flextime) and compressed work week schedules. Flextime programs, in which employees are given the option of adjusting their arrival and departure times, are proven ways to reduce congestion at peak travel times. Compressed work schedules (such as four, 10 hours-a-day work week) can eliminate one day a week of commuting for many employees.

Flextime Rewards

You may be eligible to enroll in Flextime Rewards and earn $8 each trip that you delay or avoid peak congestion time travel in these specific corridors:

  1. I-495 inner loop between VA-267 and I-270 Spur
  2. I-495 outer loop between I-95 and MD-193
  3. I-66 eastbound at VA-267
  4. DC-295 southbound at Benning Rd.

Visit the Commuter Connections website to learn more and enroll.