There are several rail options to get you to Prince George's County, including major employment centers.


There are 15 Metrorail stations within Prince George's County - visit the Metrorail website for routes, service information, maps, and more!


There are 8 MARC stations on the Camden (Mon-Fri) and Penn (Mon-Sun) Lines in Prince George's County that connect to Washington, DC, and the Baltimore area. Visit the MD Transit Administration website for schedules, fares, and maps.


The Northeast Regional Amtrak line stops at New Carrollton station in Prince George's County and offers many connections to Washington, DC, Virginia, and Baltimore and points north. Visit the Amtrak website for schedules, fares, and maps.

Commuter Program Savings

The 2022 limit for pre-tax and/or subsidized public or private transit benefits is $280 per month.

Make sure you take full advantage of any commuter savings offered through your employer! Talk to your Human Resources or Benefits Manager today to enroll or ask them to start a program!

If you're an employer, set up your transit benefits program today - use the free SmartBenefits platform, or if you use a third party administrator for employee benefits, ask if they can also administer transportation benefits. Remember - most employers can claim 50% of the cost of providing a subsidy through the MD Commuter Tax Credit. Check out our employer benefits page for more information. 

Guaranteed Ride Home

If you use transit for your commute, make sure you enroll in the free Guaranteed Ride Home program - if you have a personal or family emergency while at work, or unscheduled overtime, you can get a free ride home.

Advanced registration is required - sign up before you need it at