If your organization is located in an area where employees could walk or run for any part of the trip, there are many ways you can support them!

- Provide showers and lockers for active commuters to freshen up before starting the work day.

- Consider a subsidy for shoes or other gear (a post-tax benefit, but you may be able to offer additional items through your health insurance provider).

- Promote the incenTrip app so they can earn rewards for their commute and the Guaranteed Ride Home program so that they can use up to four free rides home per year if they walk or run to work and have an unexpected emergency they need to deal with. 

The RideSmart Commuter Solutions team can help you build a program that helps employees commute by walking or running. Contact us at info.pgcridesmartsolutions@co.pg.md.us or 301-883-5656 to get started!